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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus: rumours and release date

Join us as we take a look at the rumours surrounding the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus, a phone that is purported to be a bigger versions of the gorgeous Galaxy S6 edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has been one of 2015’s biggest surprises, so much so that it stole the show from its sibling, the phenomenal Samsung Galaxy S6.

Speculation now points towards a new, larger iteration of the gorgeous phone with the curved screen, allegedly named Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus.


As the name suggests, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus is said to be built as a bigger version of Galaxy S6 edge, a rumour that’s backed up by leaked images of a mock-up made by a case manufacturer in China.

What that photo shows is a phone that’s slightly longer and wider (albeit thinner, at 154 x 75.8 x 6.85mm) than Galaxy S6 edge. But it will no doubt maintain the same design ethos, which you would expect it to.


As the original leak says, the dimensions of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus suggest that its screen will be around 5.5-inches from corner to corner; evidence for this comes from a leaked photo of a supposed dummy version of the phone.

Naturally, that screen will be curved, just like the current Galaxy S6 edge, and it seems reasonable to assume it’ll be Quad HD, just like the current model, because it’s hard to imagine Samsung downgrading for a larger device.


Sizes and designs are one thing, but photos don’t give us any indication about some of the features of the phone. While details in this area are thinner on the ground, we do have some hints about what we can expect.

First up is the camera, which is said to come in at 16MP and will presumably include all the features that made the camera in the Galaxy S6 Edge so nice – like fast launch, improved face recognition, optical image stabilisation and HDR to name a few.


While the camera will likely remain the same, rumours suggest that the processor will be changing.

Rather than the Exynos chip in Galaxy S6 edge, it’s been hinted that Galaxy S6 edge Plus will use a Qualcomm processor, most likely the six-core Snapdragon 808.

Combine that with 3GB RAM, and the inescapable conclusion is that Galaxy S6 edge Plus will perform wonderfully.

Release Date

So, when can we expect to see this new, curved beauty? You can almost guarantee that Samsung will be launching it at its Unpacked event, scheduled for 13th August.

In order to get ahead of the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 launch, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus will probably be available towards the end of August.

And so, we won’t have to wait long to find out how accurate these rumours are! Stay tuned for more news!

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