Samsung trolls Apple and iPhone X in this new advert

There’s a hidden dig at iPhone X. Can you spot it?

The age-old battle between Samsung and Apple continues. Just when you thought they might have lowered their weapons and settled for peace, Samsung has pulled out the big guns. Yes, in its latest advert, the South Korean tech giant hit out at its rival in the most direct way possible.

The advert, which is titled ‘Growing Up,’ follows the journey of an Apple fan from 2007 to the present day. At the start of the mini-film (because that’s basically what it is), the guy is seriously pumped to get his hands on an iPhone, and this excitement is supposed to follow him through the next decade… Except, it doesn’t.

As the years pass, and new generations of iPhone come and go, we see a gradual waning in interest, as the guy compares his iPhone to his partner’s Samsung.

Then, by 2017, he skips the line for the much-awaited iPhone X, instead opting for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I’m not exaggerating just how blatant the message is here. Watch the video for yourself. And see if you spot the not-so-subtle dig at iPhone X…

Samsung’s advert plays on some of the most well-documented issues Apple has had over the years, from older incarnations of iPhone not being waterproof, to a lack of wireless charging, to the removal of the headphone jack. Okay, Samsung, we get the point… You were ahead of the game in some departments.

Now, where you happen to stand on this advert depends on your particular alliance. We don’t take sides, but we have to admit that the advert sits somewhere between funny and unfair. You shouldn’t have to call out your rival directly to defeat them. But if you do, at least do it in jest, like Samsung has with the iPhone X haircut.

So, will Apple fire back? Will it take aim at any of Samsung’s past and present shortcomings? Who knows. All we can do is watch and wait.


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