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Samsung’s first smart home speaker is coming early 2018

Watch out Amazon Echo and Google Home, Samsung is coming.

Love it or hate it, the smart speaker is very much the gadget of the future. At least, that’s what the major players in the tech field think.

We already have the Amazon Echo and Google Home on the market, with the Apple HomePod soon to join the ranks.

The people at Samsung may have their own smart speaker up its sleeves, and we for one, are very excited about it.

What Can We Expect?

Tech developers at the company are working on a smart speaker that they will launch early in 2018, Bloomberg recently reported.

The article claims that the people at Samsung have already been briefed on these plans, and that the smart device is currently being fine-tuned ahead of hitting the shelves.

What Will the Samsung Smart Speaker Look Like?

Bloomberg suggests that the speaker will have a real focus on audio quality (well, yeah, of course!) and will sync with a range of other smart tech around the home.

At the moment, nothing has been finalised, so we can only speculate how the smart speaker will work and look.

What Cool Features Could It Have?

Needless to say, the device is likely to run the South Korean giant’s answer to AI, Bixby. (The likes of the HomePod, Echo and Google Home each use its own version of AI, giving them their own personality.)

While the powers at Samsung have yet to comment on what the speaker will do, it’s thought that it will sync with other Samsung branded devices such as TVs, phones, and smart appliances. The smart speaker could also control lighting, kitchen gadgets (like your fridge, yes, we said fridge), and even the locks of your house.

As with other devices of this kind, the idea is that the Samsung smart speaker will be the central hub of the home. Users should be able to talk directly to the speaker and tell it what they need; from what TV station to put on, what playlist to play and how bright the house lights should be.

When the speaker hits stores, we will also be able to get it in a variety of different colours, one source told Bloomberg. They also suggested that, like the HomePod, it won’t have a screen, but will use lights to let users know what mode it’s in.

What Will It Cost?

Currently, it’s unclear how much the device will cost, but it’s likely to be somewhere between the price of the Echo (around £90.00 for the 2nd generation model) and the upcoming HomePod (expected to be around £300.00).

Left to right: Sony LF-S50G, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Plus and Google Home.

Of course, Samsung officials are keeping pretty darn tight-lipped about all of this and so we really can’t be sure of anything. One thing we can say though, is that 2018 will be the year of the smart speaker. Bring it on.

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