Stranger Things fans will love this nostalgic Windows app

Time travel back to the ‘80s

The much-awaited third season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix last week.

The latest series of the pop culture phenomenon is set back in 1985 and already has us feeling all nostalgic. The show happens to take place at the same time that personal tech was taking off and the historic Windows 1.0 operating system was released.

Introducing… Windows 1.0

Not to miss a trick, Windows started teasing a rather odd throwback piece of software. ahead of the series’ release. Yes, at the start of the month, the company tweeted: “Introducing the all-new Windows 1.0, with MS-Dos Executive, Clock, and more!”

This tweet was soon followed a couple of days later with an equally baffling poll asking: ‘Running Windows 1.0 in 1985 required at least how much memory?” Curious stuff.

While, at first, it appeared that the staff at Windows had accidentally gone back in time, all was revealed less than a week later. The team announced the release of the Windows 1.11 app on the Microsoft Store. The app is essentially an emulator which turns your computer interface into the first version of Windows. Neat.

A Very Strange App

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Things are about to get even stranger (pun 100% intended!) because the app has been taken over by Upside Down from the show. That means that it’s packed full of awesome retro games, unexpected Easter Eggs and puzzles along the way.

The idea is that users can experience 1980s Windows as it might have existed inside the deepest realms of the Stranger Things 3 universe.

Once you get started on the app, you will be tasked with a range of exciting challenges along the way. “Join Eleven, Steve, Dustin and gang as they seek to save Hawkins and the world,” reads the description. “Embrace the 80s and grab your hairspray, because it’s basically the raddest show companion experience ever.” What more could you want?

How to Download the Windows 1.11 App

If you happen to be a Stranger Things fan (who isn’t?) and want to add an extra level of fun to your watching experience, you know what you have to do. You can download the Windows 1.11 app by heading directly to the Microsoft Store. And, yes, it’s free!

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