The new iOS 11.3 update is available on iPhone and iPad

Get ready for updates to battery health, Animoji and new AR experiences.

Apple has recently unleashed a new ‘major’ update to its iPhone and iPad operating system, bringing ‘new AR experiences, Animoji, health records and more’.

So, if you’ve yet to get on board and update your iPhone or iPad, here’s what you need to know about iOS 11.3, and how to download it for free.

Better Battery Health Info

Spoiler: There may come a time when your iPhone battery needs servicing.

If you’re worried about how fast your juice is draining, iOS 11.3 can help you figure out what the problem is.

Once updated, head to Services > Battery to check out how healthy your battery is. (Note: This will only work on iPhone 6 and later models)

Improved AR Experiences

AR is very much the future. Luckily, Apple is on top of this particular tech trend.

The latest version of iOS includes some new and improved AR experiences with ‘advanced computer vision techniques.’

Apple says that AR will work better with 2D things (like walls, signs, and posters!) than ever before. That could mean some exciting new things in the future, such as interactive adverts, or even museum exhibits. Watch this space!

New Data and Privacy Information

Worried about your data? Aren’t we all! Yes, we’re looking at you, Facebook.

Luckily, Apple is making things a little easier to understand than ever before. Yes, the newly updated data and privacy feature means that you can get more details than you once could about how your data is being used.

If you have any concerns about your information, this is most certainly the place to go.

More Animoji for iPhone X

If you’re lucky enough to have already bagged yourself a snazzy iPhone X, this news is for you.

iOS 11.3 brings you four new Animoji expressions, including a lion, dragon, bear and even a skull. As though that weren’t enough, you can even sing karaoke using the voices of the Animoji that you choose. Nice.

How to Update Your iPhone or iPad

So, what are you waiting for? Updating your Apple device means that you will have the latest software and access to these cool new features. Simply head to Settings > General > Software Update to download iOS 11.3 for free.

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