These UK cities get the best 4G coverage and speed

You won’t be able to guess what city is number one.

If you were to take a wild stab in the dark, what UK city would you guess has the best 4G? I’m no expert here, but I’m guessing the majority of you would suggest London. After all, you’d imagine the capital city would be ahead of the game technologically. You’d think it’d boast the best signal quality and speeds.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong!

In fact, according to a new piece of research by OpenSignal and Which? the greatest places for 4G in the country are cities that you may never expect. The two companies looked at both the best 4G speeds and the best 4G coverage across the UK, and produced some rather surprising results.

At the top of the charts, there was a noticeable lack of the largest UK cities — London, Birmingham, and Manchester — instead it was the smaller cities taking the spots. For example, in the battle of the best 4G speeds, it was little old Stoke-on-Trent that won out. What’s more, when it came to the best 4G coverage, Middlesbrough and Teesside prevailed! Surprised?

Bet365 Stadium: Stoke might not be home to good weather or good football, but boy is the 4G fast.

You can see the complete list below, and find out how your city fared when it was pitted against the rest of the country. You may just find that your hometown has surprisingly good connectivity when compared to others in the UK.

The Fastest 4G Cities

First of all, let’s take a quick look at the best 4G speeds. As you can see, Stoke won this category. According to the research, the city had a whopping LTE download speed of 26.4 Mbps (which means it’s darn fast). As if that weren’t shocking enough, London came in below average with just 20.5 Mbp of LTE connections.

  1. Stoke-on-Trent
  2. Coventry
  3. Leicester
  4. Liverpool
  5. Nottingham
  6. Birmingham / West Midlands
  7. Manchester
  8. Bournemouth / Poole
  9. Sunderland
  10. Southampton / Portsmouth
  11. Newcastle / Tyneside
  12. Leeds / West Yorkshire
  13. Glasgow
  14. Sheffield
  15. Middlesbrough / Teesside
  16. London
  17. Edinburgh
  18. Bristol
  19. Cardiff
  20. Brighton and Hove

The Best Cities for 4G Coverage

If your city didn’t do so well in the speed department, never fear! They may have in the best 4G coverage race instead. Topping this list, we have Middlesbrough and Teesside, where people can reportedly get 4G signal 82.7% of the time. Plus, all 20 cities on this list hit well above the national average of 65.1% connectivity. Bonus.

  1. Middlesbrough / Teesside
  2. Sheffield
  3. Sunderland
  4. Leicester
  5. Leeds / West Yorkshire
  6. Liverpool
  7. Newcastle / Tyneside
  8. Birmingham / West Midlands
  9. Glasgow
  10. Edinburgh
  11. Bristol
  12. Manchester
  13. Brighton and Hove
  14. Coventry
  15. Stoke-on-Trent
  16. London
  17. Nottingham
  18. Cardiff
  19. Southampton / Portsmouth
  20. Bournemouth / Poole

So, how did your city do? Are you living in a 4G paradise? Of course, connectivity is improving all the time so no matter where you happen to live, you should expect a better level of access with every year that passes.

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