Tinder has a secret version and you’re not invited

Tinder Select is what the rich and famous are using to date, apparently.

If you’re an avid swipe-righter, there’s one thing you may have wondered: why on earth have you never spotted Jennifer Lawrence on Tinder?

It’s the type of question that will keep you awake until the wee hours of the morning, am I right? Your radius is set to maximum, you spend enough time flicking through the options, and according to The Mirror, some celebs are indeed on Tinder. Yet no celeb matches. What gives?

Wonder no more, friends. There’s probably a very good reason that no beautiful celebrities are popping up on your Tinder app. According to an unnamed source, there’s a secret version of Tinder us regular chumps knew nothing about. The alternate account, called Select, is supposedly Tinder’s VIP section, where top models can rub shoulders with CEOs and the like.

Apparently, Tinder Select isn’t even a different app. Oh no, it’s part of the regular one, just hidden behind a protective layer that most of us can’t access. Once someone has been confirmed as a Select Member, they can choose to switch the exclusive layer on, and slip secretly into the VIP section you’re not invited to.

How Can I Get Invited to Tinder Select?

If you’ve just read all of the above, and are now thinking, “Wow! I want in!”, hold your horses right there. You should know that becoming a Select Member is not as easy as you might have hoped. In fact, it sounds ridiculously difficult and mysterious.

One way you can apparently become a member is if Tinder ‘invites’ you to become one. That means that the powers at Tinder HQ think that you’re important, rich, or famous enough to be one of their elite.

Failing that, another Select Member can invite you to be part of the crew. Presumably, Tinder officials still have to agree that you fit the bill.

But what, exactly, are the criteria that Tinder is looking for? Unsurprisingly, no one really knows, though many have speculated that it’s about being super-hot, wealthy, and influential (like other elite dating sites such as The Inner Circle and Beautiful People).

Another theory is that your Tinder Elo score, which says how popular you are on the app, has a bearing on acceptance too. Of course, Tinder is keeping its lips very tightly sealed when it comes to this, not yet confirming that Select exists.

So, to answer your question: no one knows exactly how to get you on the inside. And if you’re having to ask, you’re probably not going to receive the invite… Sorry, not sorry.

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