Trump now says US companies can sell Huawei products

Trade talks between the US and China are ongoing!

Trump has said that he is now relaxing the rules on Huawei being sold in the United States.

The American President met with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, as part of the G20 summit in Japan over the weekend.

The move marks the beginning of new trade talks between China and the US. Hooray!

The turnaround decision means that some American companies can continue to sell Huawei products.

Surprisingly, it comes after last month when the US Commerce Department ordered sales of the products to be stopped due to supposed threats to national security.

The latest announcement has been a welcome one, the opening of these discussions with China is certainly a move in the right direction for the technology brand.

But, how did this all originally happen? If you cast your mind back, there has been tensions between Trump and numerous countries and organisations for some time, he even had a spat with Twitter at one point.

The US essentially accused Huawei ‘spying’ on behalf of the Chinese government, accusations which of course, were denied. There’s also a school of thought that the Chinese tech giant offers too much of a threat to its US counterparts, Apple, for instance. 

While it’s still hard to speculate on how things will move forward in the long term, the chances are that Huawei will likely to continue to receive Android updates for the foreseeable future. That means that things may well stay the same for the company and its customers. So, watch this space.

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