Vodafone launches game-changing 5G-ready plans with unlimited data

Are you ready for the next generation of mobile internet?

Vodafone is the first UK network to launch unlimited contracts that work on the 5G network. The brand-new plans will allow customers to enjoy the many benefits of the next generation of mobile internet, while enjoying the freedom of an unlimited data plan.

The deals start from just £23, making them seriously affordable for all.

What 5G Plans Are Available?

Wondering whether the Vodafone plans are for you? If so, let’s take a deeper look at the unlimited 5G plans and what each of them offers. All the following contract deals allow you to use both 4G and 5G networks and are available on both 4G and 5G mobiles (of course, on a 5G mobile you get more of the benefits). Here’s what you should know.

Vodafone Unlimited Lite

From just £23 per month, the Unlimited Lite plan might be for you. The deal includes unlimited texts, minutes, and data. Win, win and win.

The plan does have a minor catch – you get 2Mbps maximum download speed. However, because you’re taking advantage of Vodafone 5G network, there’s less latency, which means you’ll notice faster load speeds!

Should you use your smartphone for lots of streaming or gaming, you may want a quicker speed. However, if you tend to simply use your phone for browsing online, listening to music and checking your many messages, a Vodafone Unlimited Lite plan is for you.

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Vodafone Unlimited

Next up, the Unlimited plan starts from £26 per month and has a faster download speed of 10Mbps. You also get unlimited texts, minutes, and data with this plan, which should mean that you can do all you need without worrying about restrictions.

Most users should find that this plan is enough for them. You should be able to stream, HD movies, make video calls and share photos online at a moment’s notice. Plus, you can also do the basics – listen to music and browse the web without a hitch.

Unlimited Max

Kicking things up a gear, the Unlimited Max is the highest tier of the new Vodafone plans. The contracts start from £30 a month and will give you the ‘fastest available’ speed on Vodafone’s 5G network. Like the other plans, you also get unlimited texts, minutes and data with this one.

The plan means that you will have zero issues using your smartphone as a hotspot, playing multiplayer games online and downloading things super quickly. If you’re looking for the quickest mobile internet around, this is certainly the plan for you.

Entertainment lovers can also pay an extra £6 to upgrade one of these latest Vodafone plans. Doing so means that you can choose to add Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile, or NOW TV to your package. Neat.

Where can you use Vodafone 5G?

Thinking of getting a Vodafone 5G plan? You can already use 5G from the network provider in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham.

By the end of the year, though, the provider will also offer the next gen of mobile internet in Birkenhead, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Guildford, Newbury, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Reading, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington and Wolverhampton.

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