Warning: UK roaming charges are about to soar

And it’s all thanks to the new budget!

Let’s face it, we all worry about our monthly bills. Trying to keep on top of the money you spend each month is completely natural. After all, the less we spend on boring outgoings, the more money we have for the important things in life like, say, coffee, pizza, and wine!

Sadly, for mobile phone users, the cost of roaming on your smartphone when you’re on holiday is set to soar pretty soon.

So, what on earth is the deal then?

Well, thanks to the recent Spring Budget, we can expect some rather annoying changes to our mobile phone bills, when it comes to using them abroad.

In fact, Chancellor Philip Hammond went ahead and said that the government plans to introduce a “UK VAT on roaming telecoms outside the EU in line with international standard practice.”

Cheers, Phil. Photo credit: PA.

What that means is that we could end up paying around 20% extra on our roaming charges when holidaying outside of the EU.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a massive leap and not one that many of us will welcome with open arms. The fact of the matter is that the next time you’re jet-setting around the globe, you may want to think twice about the data you choose to use.

What You Need to Know

When the roaming VAT comes into play, it’ll apply to countries outside the EU. Right now, the European Union is working on getting rid of pesky roaming charges for its members.

This plan should come to fruition in June of this year and is all part of the bigger plan to create a so-called ‘digital single market’.

Of course, the UK is actually scheduled to leave the EU in 2019. If that happens, the likelihood is that we won’t get the same roaming breaks as the rest of the states in the union.

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On the other hand, as part of the leaving negotiations, there may be a deal struck to offer UK residents the same rights as people in the EU. In short, we just can’t say what will happen next.

The takeaway? If doesn’t look good for mobile users who have a case of wanderlust. The safest thing to do at the moment is to contact your network to get a roaming add-on. That way you won’t come home to any unexpected bills.

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