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WhatsApp will let you recall and delete messages

You can finally delete those drunken messages.

Whether it’s a drunken proclamation of undying love, or an angry rant, we’ve all sent messages we wish we could take back. The moment you hit the ‘send’ button, you know you’ve done wrong.

“Delete, delete, delete!” you scream to yourself.

But, it’s too late. The message has made its way into the cyberspace, and as we all know too well, there’s no way of getting it back. Or, at least, that’s how things used to work. But the rules are about to change in a pretty major way, because WhatsApp is working on a message ‘Recall’ feature.

Life’s Undo Button

As the name suggests, the ‘Recall’ feature will let you take back misjudged messages that you’ve sent. What’s more, it will work on both media messages and basic texts. This is one of life’s best undo buttons yet.

The idea is that, once you’ve pressed send, it’s not the end of the game. You still have a chance to take back those silly things you said when you weren’t thinking straight. With just the tap of your phone, the text will disappear – hopefully before the recipient has read it.

The Five-minute Rule!

Of course, life would be too simple if that was the end of the story…

The WhatsApp ‘Recall’ feature does in fact come with a small caveat, in that you can’t start recalling messages months after sending them. Actually, you have just five minutes to recall your messages, because, after that point, the feature is no longer available.

How to Get the WhatsApp ‘Recall’ Feature

If you just cannot wait to start recalling your regretful WhatsApp messages, you may well be wondering when the ‘Recall’ feature will be available on your phone. While there’s no sound word on that just yet, WABetaInfo recently Tweeted this:

According to WABetaInfo’s tip-off, the ‘Recall’ feature should be available on the 2.17.30 version of WhatsApp, or soon thereafter. The iOS app already runs this version, while Android phones use the 2.17.90 version. The takeaway is that the feature should be available on the app update pretty soon! We will just have to wait and see when…

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