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You won’t find a more flexible mobile deal than EE’s new Flex plans

It’s all about flexibility!

Long-term commitment is a huge deal. And, for some of us, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. If you’re the type of person who can barely commit to what you’re having for dinner, the idea of agreeing to a 12 or 24-month phone contract might be a little intimidating. So, what if there were another way?

Say hello to ‘Flex plans’

Luckily, EE has just launched an offer that might be for you. The 30-day ‘Flex plans’ are exactly what they sound like – seriously flexible. You don’t need a long contract to get one, which means that you can stop or pause them at any point. You get a data boost every three months, your data rolls over and you can use your phone in the EU for free.

“Our new plans give customers great flexibility and control and are unpinned by the UK’s best network,” states Max Taylor, Managing Director of Marketing, EE in a statement on its site. “Customers on Flex plans have the freedom to pause or change their plan at any time, with the value and simplicity offered from a traditional pay monthly plan.”

There are actually four different types of deals within the ‘Flex plans’ offers all of which offer unlimited texts (yes!).

  • The minimum £10 deal offers a decent enough 2GB data and 1000 minutes;
  • The next one up costs £15 and gives you 5GB data and 2000 minutes;
  • The £25 deal gives you a whopping 10GB data and 3000 minutes;
  • Finally, there’s the fantastic £30 deal which offers 20GB data and 3000 minutes.

Swap Your Plan

Plus, you can track your usage using the MyEE app on your smartphone. So, you might start on the £10 deal but soon realise that you need more data or minutes. Never fear! Thankfully, the plans live up to their name. At any point you please, you can choose to swap your plan for another under the same deal. All you need to do is upgrade and you will get more of what you need, when you need it the most. Simple.

Get a Free EE Flex SIM Card

Looking for your next smartphone deal? Here’s a cheeky way that you can get a Flex SIM for free. At Buymobiles.net, we’re offering customers an EE Flex SIM when they order a SIM-free deal or handset on finance. What’s more, when you get your order, the setup couldn’t be easier. Simply follow our setup guide and get started on your flexible plan!

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