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7 things we love about Samsung Galaxy A9

Taking smartphone photography to the next level.

Have you heard the hype about the Samsung Galaxy A9? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the latest juicy deets for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about this Galaxy smartphone and why you’re going to absolutely love it.

1) It’s a Seriously Colourful Phone

Want to make a statement with your smartphone? The Samsung Galaxy A9 could be the device for you. The phone comes with a 3D rear glass casing and a range of awesome colour combinations. You can choose from Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue, and Bubblegum Pink. However, each version of the device has a cool colour-fade look too!

2) It Has an ‘Always on Display’

Imagine you could find out specific info – such as the weather and notifications – without unlocking your device. Now, you can. The Samsung Galaxy A9 has a special ‘Always On Display,’ which is just what it sounds like. When you lock the screen, it still shows some simple information on it. Of course, you can tailor this to see what works for you.

3) It’s a Quad Camera Setup

Touted by Samsung as the ‘world’s first quad-camera smartphone,’ the Galaxy A9 has a serious photography offering.

The device sports four different cameras on the rear, with a 24-megapixel main lens, 5-megapixel depth lens, 10-megapixel telephoto lens and 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens. The result is a setup that means you can take some of the most amazing pictures on your smartphone. Neat.

4)  You Can Expand the Storage

Tired of running out of storage on your phone? Aren’t we all! If you’re always deleting old photos, videos, and music, it’s time to change your ways.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 comes with a decent enough 128GB of internal memory, but it doesn’t end there. You can actually expand the storage too by adding a microSD card into the mix. You can get a maximum of 512GB by putting in a card. Easy.

5) You Can Juice up Super Fast

Who wants to wait around for hours on end for their device to charge? That’s right – no one. With the Samsung Galaxy A9, you no longer have to deal with that problem.

Its 3800 mAh battery offering comes with fast-charging, which means that you can power up your phone quicker than ever before. There’s also the addition of the new USB-C port, which means that getting the charge you need is easy.

6) It’s a Super Secure Phone

Mobile phone security is no joke. Everything from your emails to your banking apps are locked inside this one small device. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy A9 has you covered here.

First of all, there’s the Face Recognition, which means that you can unlock your device simply by looking at it. There’s also fingerprint scanning, which means that you can login to apps and website quickly and easily.

7) It’s All About the Power

Of course, the final thing that you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy A9 is that it’s a powerful device. Packing an Octa-Core processor along with 6GB RAM, you can expect a seriously good device here.

It’s well worth checking out the phone for yourself to see whether it’s right for you, but it’s sure to fit the bill for most users. Compared to other devices on the market, you’re not going to be disappointed with the setup here!

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