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iPhone Xs Max vs. Google Pixel 3 XL: Which phone is best for you?

It’s size that matters, right?

New year, new phone? Yeah, why not! If you’re looking to upgrade your current device, it’s time to do some much-needed research.

Larger smartphones (a.k.a phablets) have come a long, long way in recent years so let’s look at two of the best right now – the Google Pixel 3 XL and iPhone Xs Max. Here’s what you need to know.


With a glass frame adorning the edge and scratch-resistant glass, iPhone Xs Max is a dashingly attractive device. It comes in the standard Apple colours; Space Grey, Gold and Silver.

On the front, the phone is relatively minimal, with a slim notch across the top the screen. Apart from that, the display is almost bezeless (all-screen), which looks awesome.

Coming in just three colours – Clearly White, Just Black, and the pink-esque Not Pink – the Google Pixel 3 XL offers a clean and crisp look.

The notch is not as wide as the one that you will find on the iPhone Xs Max, but it is a whole load deeper, edging into the screen of the smartphone. The finish is premium as well, with an all-glass two-tone look.


Let’s talk screen-size. The display on iPhone Xs Max is nothing to be sniffed at. Packing a huge 6.5-inch screen onto a relatively small-sized (for a phablet!) body, the device gives you that a completely futuristic look. It’s a Super Retina HD display too, which means that you’ll get a sweet and crisp picture every time.

Then, there’s the 6.3-inch OLED screen on the Google Pixel 3 XL. When you pair that with the nearly bezel-free style of the phone design, it looks like a winning combination. The display is impressive enough, even though it’s slightly smaller than iPhone’s offering.


The camera setup on iPhone Xs Max is remarkable. On the back, there are two 12-megapixel lenses, while the front boasts two 8-megapixel lenses. Nice work.

But perhaps one of the best things about iPhone Xs Max’s camera is the Smart HDR mode. The feature allows you to take many frames in one shot so that you get the best possible picture as an end result. Oh, and there’s also Portrait Mode, which means you can take some breathtaking pictures.

So, what does the Google Pixel XL have to offer? Well, on the rear, you’ve got a 12.2-megapixel offering and the selfie cam is a neat 8-megapixel lens. However, there’s a whole load going on under the surface here.

The phone’s Pixel Visual Core chip along with its unique machine-learning software means that it can recognise how pictures should look and frame them accordingly. Plus, the selfie cam also benefits from this cool feature.


When it comes to special features, it’s worth considering what the Google Pixel 3 XL has to offer. The company has gone a long way to make sure that their latest flagships are 100% intuitive and user friendly.

Standout features include the Google Lens, which helps you identify products and items using AI, the new and improved Google Assistant, and the Smart Home Devices function. All of the above means that this is the type of device you can use to streamline your life and schedule with sheer ease.

Of course, Apple is well-known for delivering some of the best technological features. Its iPhone Xs Max has Face ID, Siri, and the brand new Screen Time feature. The latter monitors how long you spend on various apps in a bid to help you cut back on your time spent staring at a screen. It’s a useful feature.

Aside from that, you’ve got some of the more advanced features, including Animoji and a whole range of AR related functions too.

Storage and Power

Fancy getting unlimited Google Photo storage? The Google Pixel 3 XL could be the device for you. The perk is available for all Pixel phone users and, let’s face it, it’s a pretty handy extra as it means you can back up all your fave snaps without them taking up space on your smartphone.

The device also has either 64GB or 128GB ROM, depending on which option you choose, and 4GB RAM. It also runs the top-of-the-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

If you’re thinking about getting iPhone Xs Max, you should know that it actually has three different storage options. You can get this device with 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB ROM, which means that you should have plenty of space. The phone also has the futuristic sounding Apple A12 Bionic chip along with 4GB RAM to boot.


Now that you’ve got the down-low on both of these premium phones, it’s time to find out how much they’re going to cost.

iPhone Xs Max is currently retailing at £1099 while the Google Pixel 3 XL comes in a little cheaper at £769. However, it’s worth noting that you may be able to get both of these devices on a pay monthly deal and pay less each month instead.


So, which of these two flagships should you choose? Well, both have a stellar look, an awesome camera setup, and a whole load of features.

The Google Pixel 3 XL will save you some pennies and has the unlimited photo storage. On the other hand, iPhone Xs Max is a little more advanced in terms of security and photography. The choice is totally yours!

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