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Is the Huawei P20 Pro camera actually as good as they say?

It’s time for a mega pixel party!

By now, you’ll have heard all the hype surrounding the new Huawei P20 Pro. If not, where have you been?

It’s safe to say, although there’s loads of great features on this awesome phone, the real stand-out by far, is the triple camera, with over 40-megapixels to play with.

Huawei cameras are also co-developed with Leica (the camera developer people), so they know a thing or two about creating boss cameras.

However, is the camera actually all that good? Let’s find out.

Triple Camera

Right, lets break it down for a minute here. The P20 Pro sports three main cameras on the back, and a selfie camera on the front.

The huge 40-megapixel sensor exhibits photos in amazing light and crisp definition. An aperture of f1.8 ensures a lot of light can be let in for brighter shots and better performance in low light.

A second 20-megapixel sensor is all about the depth. This lens captures depth of field, giving your photos a whole new level of definition. You also get a black and white lens and aperture of f1.6.

The third 8-megapixel sensor boasts optical image stabilisation (OIS) to reduce noise (meaning blur and pixelation) with an aperture rating of f2.4.

But, what can you achieve with all this power? Working together, the trio of cameras make it capable to reach 5x Hybrid Zoom, while maintaining crisp photos, without loss of detail. This means the P20 Pro cameras also don’t start to sweat when it comes to low light conditions. You’ll get clearer night time shots in better detail and contrast than before.

You can create perfect portrait pics with a lavish bokeh effect (i.e. blurred background) and studio grade lighting effects.

These three main cameras also offer a quick launch feature, where you can capture a photo in 0.3 seconds, even with a locked phone.

Selfie Game

A 24-megapixel selfie camera will pretty much beat most flagship phones’ selfie cams out there.

With selfie portrait shots, perfect focus and an aperture of f2.0, you’ll be able to achieve sharp selfies in perfect colour. Ideal for capturing your next profile pic.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

It does all the work, so you don’t have to. This new AI camera picks the best settings while you’re lining up a shot. You’ll get the most out of this though when shooting in Pro Mode. Improved image stabilisation means with AI help, you’ll capture exceptional detail and clarity in your photos.

Pro Mode

Unleash your inner pro and play with shutter speeds, light contrast and other general photography stuff that you pro photographers do. For us Joe Public, the P20 Pro camera, as goes with the name, does pro photography for you! No doubt boosting your Instagram Likes while capturing memories in amazing detail and quality.


Don’t worry, there’s been no compromise in the video department either. You’ll be able to capture the best clips in Super Slow-Mo. Huawei P20 Pro shoots at 960fps, meaning you’ll be able to achieve 32x slower video capture.


Frankly, a handset that has all this camera capability has to be great!

Will other handsets still holding their own up against the Huawei P20 Pro, like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (mentioned in the above videos), the P20 Pro still seems to edge it for us, in many areas. Let’s wait and see if any other handsets this year step up to take on the P20 Pro at its own game, A Renaissance in Photography.

So, there you have it. Now you know everything about the boss cameras of the Huawei P20 Pro and you’re ready to make the leap and purchase your new Huawei smartphone. Check out our amazing deals at Buymobiles.net, now.

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