Samsung Galaxy S4 – First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy S4 was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the mighty Samsung Galaxy S4 and we have to say we are very excited about it!

Samsung Galaxy S4

During The Gadget Show Live 2013, members of the team got an exclusive look at the phenomenal Samsung Galaxy S4 and first impressions left us blown away.

Sticking with a tried and tested formula with the innovative Samsung Galaxy S3 design, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mimics its older brother with its smooth curves, metal bezel and glossy finish.

However, even though the GS4 packs in more hardware, bigger battery and a larger display it still manages to shave some body weight from the Galaxy S3 which itself is already an impressive size.

The display on the Galaxy S4 is a real beauty, offering full 1080p HD AMOLED goodness with a whopping 441ppi. Simply put, images, text and icons look crystal clear. The back of the phone houses an impressive 13 megapixel camera which, coupled with Samsung’s impressive array of imaging software extras, leads to some truly astonishing photos and videos.

Powering the amazing S4 is a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor running at a blazing 1.9 GHz, this is accompanied by 2 GB of ram and Adreno 320 chipset. Samsung has the GS4 running on the latest version of Android Jelly Bean 4.2, with the Korean firms’ custom TouchWiz user interface overlapping. This allows Samsung to bring lots of new exclusive features to the table such as Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, S Translator and Air Gestures all of which will allow the operator to use their smartphone differently.

The Galaxy S4 is a truly ground-breaking phone bringing outstanding hardware, looks and innovative software to the table. This will be one of the best devices of 2013 and no doubt will be enormously popular.

You can order the Samsung Galaxy S4 now.

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