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Android P rumours: name, features and release date

Here’s what we know about Android P so far.

The clock’s ticking! Before we know it, there will be a new Android operating system on the block. Right after the Google IO 2018, the tech developers released the Android P in beta form. That means that people have had a good old chance to check it out. Here’s what we know so far.

What Devices Support Android P?

There’s good news – Android P is available on more devices than Android O was this time last year. Yay! Here’s a quick rundown of the handsets it works on so far:

  • Google Pixel phones
  • Nokia phones
  • Vivo phones
  • OnePlus phones
  • Xiaomi phones
  • Sony phones
  • Oppo phones
  • The Essential Phone

What Features Can You Expect From the Update?

Since the beta is already out, we know already know what some of the Android P features will be. If you’re itching to find out what’s in store for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the things you can expect when you update to the latest operating system.

New Navigation System

One of the main things that Google is trying to do is make the operating system easier to navigate. That much is obvious from the changes to Android P. You will now be able to swipe upward to see recently opened apps. There will also be five of your most used apps at the bottom of the screen – which will work as app ‘suggestions.’

Adaptive Brightness

Changing the brightness of your phone display can be a pain. If you walk outside into the sun and suddenly realise that you can no longer see a thing, it’s annoying, to say the least. That’s where Adaptive Brightness comes into play. The feature means that your phone will get brighter or darker depending on the light around it. Simple.

App Actions

Let’s face it – shortcuts make everything quicker and easier! The new App Actions function means that you can access different parts of an app without fully opening it. The feature predicts what you’re about to do next and gives you a range of options in a row beneath the app icons. The idea is that the operating system is more intuitive than ever.

Volume Slider

There’s a new location for the Volume Slider. When you update to Android P, you will find that it’s moved over to the side of the screen. With older operating systems, the slider could control either the media or the ringer (and often enough you weren’t sure which you’d get!). The button only changes the volume of your media now, which is a relief.

Android P Release Date

As you may have gathered by now, the Android P public beta is now available on selected devices. That means that you can get it right away if you’d like to try it. Be sure to back up your phone before you start the download!

The official Android P release date will most likely be in August. That’s the same time that Google last updated its Android operating system so it would make sense. However, you never know – the powers over at Google may decide to surprise us with an earlier launch. Watch this space.

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