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Android P rumours: name, features and release date

A new Android operating system is in the works. Here’s the latest round-up of rumours from across the web.

Rumblings from Google’s Android OS developers are beginning to surface. And even as Android Oreo is still being rolled out, there’s news on the horizon of a new kid on the block.

Without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the latest rumours.

Remember The Name

Have you ever had Pistachio Ice Cream? If you haven’t, you should.

Bloomberg says the name Pistachio Ice Cream is already being thrown about Google (sorry to anyone with a nut allergy), suggesting the new version has already been named. Sadly, this will always be subject to change until anything official is confirmed.

We’ll roll with Android P for now, and as we know, new Android releases have always gone by letters of the alphabet and usually relate to some sort of delicious desserts.

The possibilities for names are pretty much endless, we could see names like: Android Parfait, Android Pancake, Android Peanut Butter and Android Praline. They’re all just about as tasty as the next.

Potential Features

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that Android P will be getting a serious makeover from its predecessor, Oreo 8.0.

A visual revamp could be on the way with Android P, including new icons and screen designs that will be able to cope with multiple different handset screen designs. There could be more integrations with Google’s Digital AI Assistant and improvements to prolong phone battery life too.

Bloomberg’s report also suggests that the new Android OS will apparently be designed with space for a screen cutout, very much like the iPhone X and its display notch. Nice.

Other features are expected to include the future proofing of the software, meaning it could operate on multiple screens and even foldable displays.


Release Date

Reports suggest Android P is due to land late in 2018. But when?

If we go by the usual running order of Android announcements, we could be hearing something official as early as March 2018. And according to TechRadar, it could be released later in the year around August.

It’s suggested by Bloomberg in its report that the ultimate goal of the next Android release will be focused on converting people from Apple to Android OS devices. It claims the new OS will boast many similar, if not better, features.

This will remain to be seen, but for now, that’s enough to get your Android dessert juices flowing. Stay tuned for more news on Android P when we hear it.

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