Apple’s next iPhone could come in these 4 amazing colours

And, come with a lower price tag! What could be better?

The wait for the next iPhone release is on. This time around though, customers could be getting a whole lot more for their money. Rumour has it that, come September, Apple will release not one, not two, but three new iPhone’s to the market. Nice!

The Latest iPhone Rumours

The first is said to be a nifty 5.8-inch iPhone X which comes with a smaller price tag than we’re used to. The second will be a 6.5-inch Plus model, which will have similar specs to the iPhone X and an OLED screen. The last of the supposed offerings will be a 6.1-inch phone which also has Face ID and some of the specs we’ve seen on the iPhone X.

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According to a report by Ming-Chi Kuo (a renowned Apple analyst), there will be a price cut when it comes to the next iPhone X release. While the Plus sized variant may be the same price as the latest model (around £999), the standard model must be a little cheaper. Which could be great news for you if you’re looking to upgrade your phone this autumn!

The third phone in the lineup could be a ‘budget’ iPhone X-style device, sporting many of the specs that we’ve come to know and love but without all the bells and whistles. The device may not have the same name as the other (we just don’t know yet!) but it will still be pretty impressive. It could cost around $700 (just over £500).

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Brand New Colour Options

But wait, there’s more… The report suggests that the new 6.1-inch iPhone may come in a variety of new colours. So, what tones can you expect to see?

Well, things are about to get a whole load brighter. Red, blue, orange, grey, and white versions of the phone will be released to the public, according to Kuo.

Let’s face it, that would be a big change for Apple. In recent years, the manufacturer has focused on more neutral tones, such as black, silver, and gold. Plus, the major manufacturers out there (a la Samsung) all have the same thing going on. To introduce more colour now would be a huge surprise!

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Of course, right now, there are no solid details on Apple’s latest releases. While experts can speculate and guess, no one can be 100% sure of the facts until the devices are announced later this year. So, watch this space.

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