Could we be getting a new iPhone SE in 2018?

These concept images of iPhone SE have surfaced online, and we for one, are terribly excited.

A phone so good, it’s got its own fan club. Form an orderly queue, a new iPhone SE could be on its way.

The Concept Creator has given us some insight into what this new iPhone SE could potentially look like. And frankly, if it looks anything like this, it will be quite the head turner.

This new iPhone SE could be with us sooner than we think, according to a fresh batch of rumours making an appearance on the web. Part of which were these concept images, giving heed to a potential name, iPhone SE 2. Who knows?

The images have combined the fresh tech and look of iPhone X, alongside the more compact, square edge appearance of the previous SE model.

The Dutch concept artist has re-imagined what the next iPhone SE could look like, and has brought it to life. Although, if the phone was packed with all the tech of the new iPhone X model, it probably wouldn’t make it as affordable as the previous model.

Historically, smartphones like iPhone SE offer an affordable, entry level alternative to phone ownership, alongside other similar handsets in its category, such as the Samsung Galaxy J5. The smaller screen phone market has not wavered, even with the launch of much larger all-screen phones, and in fact, have more than held their own.

We must remind you though, these renders are purely the result of a creative process, these are in no way supported by any official/unofficial leaks, yet. Therefore, there isn’t much info flying around about potential specifications or anything of that nature.

A second generation of iPhone SE could be heading to certain parts of the world in early 2018 according to some web rumours. What this will actually look like, however, we can merely speculate.

Thanks to Concept Creator for tickling our interest in what could be the new iPhone SE. They originally landed on Dutch site Telefoon Abbonement, earlier this week.

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