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Huawei P20 (or P11): rumours and release date

Already branded the DSLR killer, this new Huawei could be something special.

The rumours are coming in thick and fast about the potential launch and features of a new Huawei flagship device.

There’s been lot of hype around the Huawei brand in recent times. Each year it produces great smartphones, having only recently built up a presence in Europe.

There’s no doubt that Huawei mobiles are taking the smartphone market by storm. Take its Mate 10 Pro release last year, a phone that packs an amazing spec and of course, great cameras.

So, lets get into it, and see what we can expect from Huawei and its next flagship device.

What Will It Be Called?

Initial rumours suggest that the new Huawei is going to be called the P20 or P11.

The most likely contender according to Android Authority, is that the new phone will most likely be called the P20. These reports also claim we could see two other handsets similarly named, P20 Plus and P20 Lite.

The Chinese manufacturer trade marked the P20 name back in July 2017, but even with this juicy piece of info, nothing is set in stone or officially confirmed yet.

Camera Rumours

Firstly, the main shout of these Huawei P20/P11 rumours is a triple camera setup. It’s thought we could be looking at 40-megapixels, with three lenses and 5x hybrid zoom. Wow. Let’s just take a moment to absorb that.

It’s also expected to come with a 24-megapixel selfie camera that would blow many other main smartphone cameras out the park. It’s thought the Chinese tech giant will continue to use the camera people Leica too, and co-develop the cameras for its next Huawei device.

This leak from Evan Blass, (a mobile reporter from the USA) builds on rumours around the camera of the next Huawei.

Impressive spec, there’s no doubt about that, but what will it look like?

Design and Display Rumours

As expected, the leaked designs of this new Huawei are very much in keeping with the Huawei style, going by the leaked images from Slashleaks.

We could be expecting to see a 5.8-inch IPS ultra-tall and bezeless display (or edged-to-edge screen to you and me). If previous Huawei phones are anything to go off, the screen will be pretty darn impressive. Check out the Mate 10 Pro and see for yourself.

This leak speculates on the colours expected for the next Huawei, leaked by Twitter user, Roland Quandt, earlier this year.

Another rumour suggests we could we see an Apple-style notch implemented to the next Huawei design too. Well, the Concept Creator, (in the video below) seems to think it’s going to happen.

Nice, right? We can only dream. If it does have these looks, we’ll be ordering our new Huawei all day long.

Price Rumours

Although we can only speculate based on the rumours, the new flagships price is likely to be in the region of £550 and £600 according to Tech Advisor. This would mean that the Huawei flagship will be on the same playing field with other popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Expected Release Date

It’s anticipated we could see the new Huawei toward the end of March 2018. Huawei has confirmed a Press Conference Save the Date for 27th March.

Other rumours suggested it could be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2018 (26th February – 1st March) in Barcelona, but nothing came to fruition here.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see the other rumoured Huawei handsets on 27th March too, with the potential of a Huawei P20 Plus and Huawei P20 Lite announcement a high possibility.

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