iPhone 2019: From megapixels to TrueDepth camera rumours

Are you ready for the next iPhone?

With September looming over us (a mere four months away), there are already rumours flitting around about the new iPhone.

As tradition dictates, Apple will likely release a line of new devices when autumn comes around. Before then, industry experts are left to scratch their heads, wonder and speculate about what’s to come.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out some of the tastiest rumours about the upcoming iPhone devices.

New iPhone Models to Have Triple Lens Camera

First of all, let’s talk cameras. What can we expect when the new models drop? At the start of the year, one leak suggested that the next iPhone would have a triple lens setup on the rear.

READ: iPhone 11 render reveals a triple lens camera.

However, there are new rumours floating around surrounding this idea and one is a particularly interesting snippet you might want to hear about.

The latest is a tweet from Steve H. McFly which suggested  that the setup would not be exclusive to any individual iPhone that comes out this year. That means that all of the iPhone models that are released – including the possible update to the XR model – could have the same setup. That would mean an excellent camera offering all around.

Square Rear Lens Setup

Of course, if Apple does go ahead with the triple lens setup, one of the biggest questions on people’s mind is: how will it look?

While we don’t know the answer just yet, one render from Mac Otakara shows an attractive option. Rather than having the lenses in a strip running horizontally or vertically on the phone, the mockup shows a square design.

The grid would have a similar style to the rear setup that we’ve already seen on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and would house all three of the lenses.

It would be a major design change for the likes of Apple but could well work in the company’s favour. After all, putting more emphasis on the camera features can only be a positive thing.

TrueDepth and 10MP Selfie Camera

The rear cameras may not be the only ones that are getting a makeover this year.

One report from CompareRaja suggests that the next iPhone model will have a 10-megapixel selfie camera as well. That could mean some major changes for the existing TrueDepth Camera System. For some time, there have been rumours to suggest that this may change.

According to the report, the next incarnation of the iPhone may also include a flood illuminator on the front of the device.

The feature would decrease the impact of external light which should mean that Face ID is more accurate than ever before. Exciting stuff.

Brand New Power Sharing Feature

Finally, there’s an exciting new feature that may well be in store for Apple users. Yes, the next lineup of iPhone could support power sharing technology.

That means that you may be able to charge up other wireless gadgets using the rear of your phone as a pad.

This piece of gossip was recently reported by 9-to-5 Mac, based on insights from the famous tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The general idea is that each of the devices will include a larger battery pack, which will support this nifty charging feature too. As other smartphones already have this feature, it wouldn’t come as a big surprise at all.

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