iPhone 9 rumours and release date: Here’s what we’ve heard so far!

The data for the next big Apple event is finally confirmed!

Let’s not beat around the bush. The iPhone 9 (or iPhone XI) is sure to be one of the most exciting new phones of 2018. While we may have to wait a good few months for its release, the rumours are already coming in thick and fast.

While we won’t be hearing anything from Apple until after the summer, we’ve been keeping our ears to the ground ahead of time. So, if you’re looking for iPhone 9 news, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a little teaser from the Concept Creator with a new iPhone concept video to whet your appetite first…

Bigger (yet cheaper) iPhones

Perhaps one of the most exciting rumours we’ve heard so far is that the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus could be bigger devices than we’ve seen before. That’s according to an anonymous source cited by Bloomberg, who claims that the next Apple offerings will be larger and more ‘phablet’ style than we’ve seen before.

What’s more, according to the same source, the phone could have a more affordable price tag than the iPhone X. The idea is that fans can get a whole lot of tech for their cash – that should cater to those of us who don’t have the funds to splash on the snazzy iPhone X.

Touchless Control and Curved Screen

Could touch screens be a thing of the past? Another Bloomberg source (or as they put it ‘people with knowledge of the matter’) suggests that Apple may be working on a gesture control system that would wave a long goodbye to even having to touch a screen. Instead, you would simply have to hover your finger above the screen to perform tasks. Magic!

The same report suggests that Apple is currently working on a screen that curves inward from top to bottom. That would give the devices an altogether more unique look and perhaps separate them from others on the market. It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has revamped the way we see and use smartphones.

Face ID but No 3D Touch

Of course, it’s only natural to wonder what iPhone X features the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus will have. A source on Mac Rumors suggests that the design will be similar and the phones will both have the much-acclaimed Face ID. The source also says that the devices will come with an aluminium frame as well as a single-lens rear camera.

However, they also state that there will be no 3D Touch feature, which may well disappoint some fans out there as well. It also seems surprising that Apple would leave this piece of technology out of the mix. The feature is quite a few years old and seems to be a standard fixture. Then again, if the gesture control rumour turns out to be true, that could be why.

One of the most intriguing iPhone 9 rumours (which was also put out there by Mac Rumors) is that the phone will come in not two, but three sizes. The site has published a mock-up of this year’s supposed devices. The image shows 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.5-inch variations of the flagship phone. Interesting!

Apple’s Own Brighter Screen

Before now, Apple has worked with other manufacturers to get its screens (oh, hello, Samsung!), but the tides could be about to change. The company may be developing its own screen, which would give the geniuses at Apple more control over the quality of the devices and what type of display they can offer.

A source cited by Bloomberg recently suggested that Apple is now working on the next-generation MicroLED screens. It all gets a little techy here as the screens need more light-emitting compounds to work than the OLED screens that we’re used to seeing on other flagship devices. Whether we will see Apple’s own screens on the iPhone 9 is still yet to be seen, but it would be a real leap forward.

Prices and Release Date

Apple has finally confirmed that its next big event is to be held on 12 September, after releasing official invites with the teaser “Gather round.” Not long to wait now, guys.

Of course, the powers over at Apple are keeping pretty tight-lipped when it comes to how much the phones will cost. As we’ve already heard from the rumours, it could be that the price tag is a little lower than the iPhone X.

The best that we have to go on right now are the initial launch prices of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. When they were released last year, the devices cost £699 and £799 respectively. While we’ve got no word yet, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if the latest phones cost around the same amounts.

Of course, all of the above is based on mere rumours right now. To find out the real deets, we will have to sit patiently and wait for the launch. Sigh…


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