Is this what Samsung Galaxy S10 will look like?

Revealing video could show us the next Galaxy S series phone!

What will Samsung’s next phone look? It’s an interesting question but not one we have a solid answer to yet. Could we see a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X?

While the next Galaxy S flagship won’t be launched until 2019, there’s still a lot of speculation out there. Oh yes, rumours are rife! But there’s one video, which has been created by the likes of DBS Designing, that might give us visual insight into the next Galaxy S series.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen theories about this particular device. In fact, recent leaks have shown a mysterious full-screen Samsung phone in a wide range of colours. This latest peek into what the next device may look like could shed further light on what we can expect when the phone is finally released.

Shiny and sleek, the clip shows an ultra-thin bezel-less (all-screen) design, which appears to have a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen. Of course, one of the major rumours we’ve heard about the next Samsung device is that it may have its first ever ‘under the screen’ fingerprint scanner.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. This description so far sounds a little iPhone X esque, but there’s one major difference. There’s no notch in sight. Instead, it’s a completely screen-to-screen look. If the next Samsung does turn out to look like this, it’s all set to be something of a crowd-pleaser.

Interestingly, when the clip takes a close look at the bottom half of the phone, there is in fact a headphone jack. When the phone design turns around and we see the back of the device, there are three camera lenses stacked vertically. That would be a real step forward – current Samsung devices have only two lenses.

As though that wasn’t enough to get your heart racing with excitement, there’s more. While the video starts off looking at a plain black device, towards the end of the clip, there are a few more additions to the lineup. If this clip is anything to go by, the device will come in black, white, purple, and a burgundy colour.

Right now, we don’t know much about the phone as the powers at Samsung are fairly tight-lipped. Nothing has been confirmed, which means that the next device could be exactly like the one we’ve seen in the video, or… be a completely different phone. To find out, we’ll have to wait until 2019. Tick tock.

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