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Leaked photos reveal a gold version of iPhone X

Time to do some detective work!

Put on your deerstalker hat – we have a mystery on our hands. The Federal Communications Committee (FCC) has released some rather intriguing photos showing an iPhone X, but not as we know it.

In the leaked pictures, the device clearly doesn’t look like one of the colours we’re familiar with (space grey and silver), but appears to be a shiny gold tone instead.

Since the FCC approves US items for sale before they hit stores, companies have to submit filings to them along with product specifications and photography. It’s actually not all that uncommon for the committee to release imagery at a later date. The odd thing about these pictures, though, is the fact that the phone it shows never went on sale.

Sorry, What?!

The images appear to show an iPhone X with the same design features that has become synonymous with the phone. However, the bezels on the front of the device, the stainless steel frame, along with the casing on the back are gold. Curiouser and curiouser…

So, What Does This Mean?

Well, before we all jump to the conclusion that a gold iPhone X is on the way, there’s one other thing to consider. What if the gold edition of the device was originally part of the lineup but got cancelled? The leaked images are from a filling that was created in August and released in September 2017 – just days before the iPhone X was officially announced.

That fact has led some people to believe that these latest images are nothing more than a relic of what could have been. Perhaps the officials at Apple had planned to release a gold version of the device but, for whatever reason, pulled it at the last minute. It’s plausible.

On the other hand, Apple could be holding the gold iPhone X back to release at a later date as a special edition model. Who knows?

Is It Even the iPhone X at All?

Another theory is that the mysterious phone in the picture is not the iPhone X at all. While it’s clearly not the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus (the sizes are all off!), it could be an entirely different device that has yet to be launched.

Support for this theory comes from the fact that the filing lists the display as an ‘LCD Display,’ rather than an ‘OLED Display,’ which the iPhone X famously has. It could be that this is a budget Apple phone that looks a lot like the iPhone X, but doesn’t have all the features that the mega-device packs.

Only a few months ago, rumours were circulating about the potential of a new iPhone SE in 2018. Could this leak be linked?

Watch This Space!

While it’s fun to speculate on what the leaked images could mean, the people over at Apple are likely to keep tight-lipped about this one.

Right now, it’s unclear whether this phone exists or will ever exist. That’s a shame. If you’re holding out for a gold iPhone X, you may be waiting a long, long time…. But who knows what the future holds?

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