Samsung Galaxy Note 9: rumours, price and release date

It’s size that counts!

With the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus not long launched, this hasn’t stopped rumours hitting the web about the potential of a new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

On the back on the successful Galaxy Note 8, Samsung would be silly not to build on its largest and arguably one of its greatest smartphones.

So, let’s get into the thick of the rumours from around the web.

What’s It Going to Be Called?

It’s rumoured to be code-named “Crown” by Pocket-lint in a recent article. But no prizes for guessing what the most likely launch name is going to be…

Drum roll, please… introducing Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

It looks highly likely that Samsung will be following its historical releases and sticking to this name format for now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Design and Display Rumours

It’s also been noted by Pocket-lint that the Note 9 could have a larger screen that its predecessor, the Note 8. It originated from Twitter user , claiming the screen size on the Note 9 could be 6.4-inches. This would mean a slightly larger device or an even thinner bezel to give us a phone that’s almost pure screen.

According to uSwitch, the Note 9 could come brandishing an under-the-screen fingerprint scanner. This would mean new technology that could blow many other smartphone fingerprint scanners out of the water. Re-homing the scanner from the back of the handset (as on the Note 8) could be a real game changer, making the Note 9 clearly stand out from other rivals.

The article from uSwitch also claims that improved facial recognition could be on the horizon. With Apple leading the charge on facial recognition technology, after launching Face ID on iPhone X, Samsung has some catching up to do.

This next rumour is quite something. According to uSwitch, the next Note device could launch with a form of foldable display. Apparently, Samsung has had this technology for a number of years, but could it be bold enough to launch it here? Only time will tell.

Camera Rumours

Could a new camera system be on the way with the Note 9 too? Reports from uSwitch suggest we could see a 12-megapixel Dual Pixel camera to boss portrait images, while a 24-megapixel sensor with low-light capabilities could make up the second shooter on the Note 9. That would be a pretty epic camera setup, right?

In the video below, the Concept Creator reveals what the Note 9 could look like, along with a camera setup much like the recent Galaxy S9 | S9 Plus.


It’s still pretty quiet on the price front at the moment. However, reports indicate that based on previous Galaxy Note releases, we should be expecting to pay more for the upcoming model.

With a SIM-free Note 8 coming in at around £869.00, you’ll need to have a burning desire to queue up and get the Note 9. Although, if a lot of the above becomes reality, we’ll be first in line!

Release Date

It’s expected that the Galaxy Note 9 will be released to the world late on in 2018. Reports currently indicate that we’ll get our first look at the device in August, with September being the likely release month.

This format would follow the trend of previous Note releases from Samsung.

Stay tuned for more Note 9 rumours and news when we hear it. In the meantime, why not check out our Samsung deals below.

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